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Our culture is important to us

We believe working and playing hard is the best recipe for success. At Lighthouse Patterns, we enjoy an open work environment opened to the pubic for co-working.

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About Lighthouse Patterns

Started in 1999 as Logical Solutions, Lighthouse Patterns grew out of the prior successes into a true standout custom software solution provider in 2013, due to our unique focus, Keystone platform and set of core values.

Software is key to a business. Exceptional software is key to having the edge. However, for businesses trying to navigate around the rocks, there are stormy, uncertain waters out there.

At Lighthouse Patterns, we are here to navigate businesses along a safe passage, around these unforeseen obstacles, so a route to success is clear.

Our mission

We are an excellence-missioned solutions provider delivering custom world-class software products, radiating unprecedented integrity and cultivating thriving, long-term relationships.

We are wholly consumed by a philosophy and drive to always meet if not far exceed expectations. If you are not thrilled, neither are we.

Core values

What amazes us, is that our core values should not be unique. However, we find regularly that we are very unique. It is no wonder that we still have clients that have been on board since the company’s start in 1999.

In a nutshell, the world doesn’t need another software provider. It needs an exceptional team to partner with, who would rather fold up the stand and go home, before compromising its core values. That team is us!

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Our core values create successful outcomes every time

Software Development Mission of Excellence

Mission of excellence

One unique quality is the level of excellence and integrity exemplified in all interactions, big or small, internal or external. This explains why some of the current clients have been on board since the beginning.

Software Development Collaborative Teams

Collaborative teams

Lighthouse Patterns is committed to locally-based teams due to the creativity, energy and collaboration that cannot be achieved any other way, both within our walls but also with our clients.

Software Development Seasoned Skill

Seasoned skill

Our ability to make the difference is repeatable, given our average experience level is 15+ years, and many have worked alongside each other for over a decade. Result is a team velocity and dynamic that is priceless.

Software Development Foundational


Constantly evolving and maturing, our in-house Keystone platform and system generation is truly one of a kind. This is one of our hardest-hitting weapons, exemplifying decades of patterns and technical acumen.

Software Development Discipline


This one word encapsulates the essence of both the solution teams and Keystone fabric. From our seasoned agile SDLC to our generator, as well as the regular training and code review, we eat/breathe discipline.

Software Development Success Criteria

Success criteria

This one word encapsulates the essence of both the solution teams and Keystone fabric. From our seasoned agile SDLC to our generator, as well as the regular training and code review, we eat/breathe discipline.

The Lightpost

The Lightpost is a unique and creative space for budding and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. There is nothing like collaboration and simply put, the more minds, the better! That is why you will notice throughout the entire space, are amenities to encourage collaboration. Anywhere in the office, you only have to mosey a few feet to find a writing surface. Areas to meet or gather are just as abundant.

When one walks in, it is immediately clear that the overall culture is that of a balance between work and relationships. Even the location for Lighthouse Patterns was selected by way of an edict that it must be within walking distance of Roseville's prime gathering and relationship-building center, which is the Fountains at the Galleria. Lighthouse Patterns team and Lightpost members are known by name at the local watering holes.

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It’s all about the relationships! We are seeking long-term partnerships, whether it be the next client or the next hire. Even our office environment reflects this commitment.

Budget & schedule

With our Solution Fabric, we facilitate our clients’ success by delivering tailored, world-class software products delivered on time/budget, composed on the robust Keystone Platform.

Service record

Since operations began, we have hit a perfect score in customer satisfaction. We are unswervingly committed to the mission of preserving that record.

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